Welcome to Lakeside Brand Name Gift Stores. At Lakeside we specialize in finding high quality products from Name Brand companies at a discount and then pass the savings onto to you. We then take extra care when packing your purchases so they arrive safely and in new condition. Delon Body Butter is our most popular product. It is a very high quality skin moisturizer that has been featured at Costco during the holidays. Thank You for visiting Lakeside.

CURRENT ONLINE AVAILABILITY - Very low. Last shipment was in December when the last body butter was made. Hopefully I'll get more info from Delon in Mid June about some scents being available in July. That is all the info I have from Delon as of May 26 and will update when I get some new info.

What body butter does Lakeside have ?. Plenty of coconut and vanilla. Sold out of Pink Grapefruit, White Peony, Sweet Almond Fig. Have a few of the others left.